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Okay, so let me first apologize for the lapse in updates; I've been meaning to blog about this amazing tool and skincare by Tina K., but time ran away with all that comes in running a business.... nonetheless - here I am! Many of you who regularly visit me for hair services have inquired about my skin improvement. It was hard to explain for a while because I couldn't show you the tool that Tina was using on me during my once a month facial visits. Finally, she developed one for at home use and I got mine in July 2016. Since then I have been using it once a week at home with the Yogurt K Cleanser and water to help further the results. It has made a huge improvement on my fine lines, rosacea, and broken capillaries. It's actually made of diamonds (hence the name) and it delicately resurfaces the skin. It exfoliates and stimulates new collagen production that we lose as we age... beginning in our late 20's. As mentioned, I use it with the Yogurt K Cleanser but it can also be used with the Perfect K Clay Cleanser for a deeper clean and more assertive exfoliation, but I only do that once a month followed with the Hydrant K Vitamin D Serum (another AMAZING product) because I have hyper-sensitive skin that is usually on the dry side, but since I have been using the Diamond K my tightness and dryness has lessened as well. There is also a Diamond K for the body, while the face Diamond K is safe for face, neck and decollete, the body Diamond K can be used on stretch marks, knees elbows, cellulite.... generally all over the body. Anyway..... We are running a wonderful Thanksgiving Promo through November 30th so you can get one for yourself or as a Christmas gift. Click the link for details and call/text to schedule your appointment at 818-835-2757. Happy Holidays!..... and check back in December to see what Santa is bringing!

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