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Solution Number Four

Attracting New Licensees

  • Open our doors to local BP's by hosting a Sunday or Monday evening education soiree at SRWH

  • Partner with select vendors facilitating an industry related fundraiser

  • Vendor would market to their local west valley territory for attendance

  • Swag bags and perhaps a premium giveaway at the end of the evening for a raffle drawing

  • This introduces the unfamiliar guests with all we have to offer without being over sales-ey


Be Prepared To Offer An Aggressive Incentive With Short Term Window Of Opportunity


  • Tour + same day hold deposit

  • Sign licence agreement within 48 hours of lease approval

  • Rent commences no later than the second Saturday following lease agreement signature date

  • Receive one year lease at a deeply competitive chair rental market rate vs single chair studio

  • 5% annual lease increase

  • BONUS - Occupy before Dec 31st with no delinquent payments through March and receive FREE rent April 1st through 15th

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